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#7 In Focus! METAbolt!

Posted in In focus on January 27, 2009 by Matty

metaboltIn Focus this article is a tool which Eku bought to my attention as I found myself unable to log in without a computer able to support Second Life’s Graphics. METAbolt, an open source, non graphical metaverse (virtual world) reader. A Non Graphical Text based SecondLife Viewer.

METAbolt, a client for the graphics hater, a friend to the chatter and as I found out an interesting tool to keep in mind if you are on a computer unable to support the graphics of Second Life but need something to communicate to those within Second Life especially for Business!

SecondLife is really at its core a 3D Graphical chatroom like those that use to float around in the late 90’s or something like a beta attempt at the Matrix (Again with the late 90’s).  METAbolt is kind of that viewer into the Matrix, all that random code sorted out and then fed to you in the most simple way it can… as a TEXT styled “messenger type application” with lots of built in virtual world features so that one cannot only carry out communications but also be able to perform most of the important tasks required in a virtual world. Without jacking in and becoming part of it. (I really love the Matrix I am going to re-watch it tomorrow)

METAbolt is light weight and cross grid. With a single click, it is possible to run multiple instances.  METAbolt however it is and was primarily developed for Second Life but that does not mean it can’t also be used on any grid based on OpenSIM.

Though one use of METAbolt and I can’t stress this enough, is multiple avatars in a region without straining your computer. Being nothing but a text based client, it takes up very little to no computer power, and if you have a need for 8 or 9 avatars in one place from a single computer, this would be the way to do it… (Perhaps you want to see how many avatars will fir in your build… I just don’t know).

METAbolt doesn’t have the rich support of text-based chat that you might see in IRC but  Still, if you need to have a presence in Second Life, keep in touch with certain people, browse groups… or to teleport your region from one to another without being able to login… or just have a pressing need to log in several alts at once. METAbolt is worth a look.

METAbolt is ideal if:

  • The graphical viewers are not allowed at your work place
  • You have a low powered computer that has difficulty running the SecondLife viewer
  • You have a low speed internet connection e.g. dial up/ISDN
  • You need to run multiple alts at the same time for land security, modeling, group management functions etc
  • You can’t or don’t want to run the SecondLife viewer all the time but need the ability to stay online for communications or other reasons

Extra Features

Here are just a few:

  • Ability to mass distribute products, objects, scripts etc
  • Ability to start multiple instances for different alts from a command and/or batch file
  • Auto log-in upon SecondLife disconnect
  • Built in Machine Translation with 16 language pairs
  • Emoticons on chat & Instant Messaging . Feature can be switched on/off
  • Land monitor: monitor parcels that are for sale on a SIM
  • Object Manager: Detailed object information & stats
  • (optional) Group Manager plug-in for sending direct group invites
  • Uses extremely low computing power and bandwidth
  • Displays advertising from various partners
  • One-to-One technical support via METAforums

Screenshots of the Client are on their main page, and overall the tool works well… however! It won’t work on this desktop! For some reason when I open the tool up, and log in… it goes not responding and crashed, I have a feeling it may have to do with Vista, or perhaps my insanely huge inventory! Though I can vouch for it working on other machines! As I tested it on a visitor to my houses laptop! (I am mean!)

Please note, its 5:58am, any inconsistencies, non factual information or anything of the like feel free to point it out in a comment so I can fix it… but I need sleep

Thanks Eku for your help on this one once again!

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team!


The Fantasy styled street sign!

Posted in BRN content Updates, BRN NEWS on January 22, 2009 by Matty

Due to popular requests from 6 or 7 people I have decided to make the Fantasy themed street sign a freebie at Akihabara Low Prim Store, full permission! Its in the first booth on the west!


Also in the booth! more new Content! Thanks to the kind donations of ArbaCroatia Camel We have 10 Free Trees! 20 Free Flowers! and the pack of Mini flags we were giving out by him is now even bigger! Featuring over 40! And also a Flag holding animation!

Don’t forget that if you have free self created builds or tools that you wish to give out to the SLorld! You can do so by IMing Lazric Lane, or LilMatty Althouse (although I am no longer to login I am sure I can organize it all.)

Please don’t forget to donate! Supporting the freebie stores was done mainly by me doing Custom jobs for people, and in order to keep the development of Educational resources, free tools and creations while not being able to log in (due to having no computer able to run Second Life) lindens are required for keeping some of the land.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

#6 In Focus! The Stitch Witch!

Posted in In focus on January 20, 2009 by Matty

image_mediumIn Focus this article is the Stitch Witch! A tool designed to make it easy for the average user to create a 3D texture for models.

Have you ever wanted to take an outfit, and change colors, layers, pockets, collars, buttons, fabric, etc on the textures?? When you buy textures from artists, you are limited to the styles they provide you.

Users of tools such as Poser are often in need for a specific item of clothing that isn’t available, and with creative thought dream up something new! Though don’t have the artistic ability to draw it from scratch…. it is in this situation that Stitch Witch can fill in the gap!

It provides you with an easy and fast non-artists solution to creating high quality clothing textures. It has tools to automatically add shadows, rotate fabric, tile lace along a curve, add buttons, lacing, and a few more.

Stitch Witch can also automatically create the transparency map for you, so there’s no need to create one yourself. It has an incredibly easy to use and powerful color picker tool, that lets you match colors as well as giving you special tools to import OBJ and OBZ templates, create shadowed effects, and more.

Stitch Witch also comes with a texture pack to get you started, or you could just use your own textures to create your own unique style.

Features in detail!

  • Create smooth outlines and curves, and fill with fabric, tile with lace, or dot it with buttons, using the easy tools provided.
  • Extract templates from OBJ files to use as a backdrop to help you line things up, and onionskin it over the project when you want to see the template over the picture, as well.
  • Resize fabrics dynamically, while avoiding jaggies and blurriness. You can resize the entire fabric, and the x and y directions independently.
  • Zoom in and out to work at your most comfortable detail level.
  • Recolor fabrics using powerful recoloring tools, add fog, and change the transparency.
  • Flip, mirror, rotate, align, shift the fabric left-right, or shift the fabric up-down.
  • Apply special effects to your fabric, including sharpen, blur, brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Add a drop shadow along the edge of fabric, lace, and buttons to enhance realism.
  • Add special effect shadows to make fabric appear quilted, draped, etc.
  • Add text at will to any location on the template, in whichever font, size, and color you like.
  • Render the resulting color and transparency maps to the desired output size.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

#5 In Focus! Color Schemer Color Pix!

Posted in In focus on January 15, 2009 by Matty

colorpix_screenIn Focus this article is the wonderful tool of Color Schemer Color Pix, sadly… this tool is windows only… so you will have to forgive me.

Color Schemer Color Pix is a wonderful tool that allows you to eye drop (a tool many of you are familiar with) and pick the color up of anything on your screen. The little Aplication loads up and can be dragged anywhere on your screen, I usually lock mine into the top right corner, it can be pinned so nothing overlaps… and this is where it comes in handy, it can be used with second life while in Windowed mode to pick up the color of any object, grass or texture… so you can finally see just what color that wood is. I use it to make matching furniture to bits and pieces I have bought, so that my room matches.

Once the applicaiton is open, pinned to the corner and Second Life it will however have a little flaw… it won’t be able to auto lock, a feature the application has to lock the exact RGB and HEX values usign the space bar … though don’t worry because I have found a simple solution to this… Alt + Tab, which will allow you to switch over your active window to the Color Schemer Color Pix box and then allow you to lock in the co ordinates. Just don’t move your box!

Another feature this tool has is the magnify Glass, allow you to zoom RIGHT up on whatever is on your desktop, this allows you to zoom right in if beign used with second life on the very pixel in a texture and cool out the darkest grey or the lightest grey, and so on… I found this useful when trying to make matching furniture that has gradients for textures. The zoom can be controleld right upto 1600%

As some of you know I am computerless right now so would have added pictures. I am sorry but hope you found this useful! I tried the best I could without a computer! IM me in SL with any faults to thispostand it will come to my email so I can update it! Grammar/Factual Info… I love this programme use it a lot but I wrote this o na cellphone!

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

My Badly Made Barn.. but well it is free!

Posted in BRN content Updates, BRN NEWS on January 13, 2009 by Matty

Ok, ok,ok! So I have made a Bad Barn, a very Bad Barn… actually its horrible… but I set it up free, for one reason… theres no other bad barns I know that are free… or good barns either… (If you do know of any let me know!)

the Barn has 3 Stools, a trough going through all 3, a Hay Loft and a flight of stairs going up, two big barn doors. Its made of wood, has a pointy roof, and two windows! That’s about it! You can pick it up at the Tutorial Library just on the path to the south. You can buy the box outside the barn doors.

In other news! Theres a whole good looking not so bad sculptie living room set going up free tomorrow or the next day! So enjoy! Also the next Infocus Article is written it just needs to be put up, sorry its taking so long its been a bust week already so far!

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team!

Content Content Content… and a cute message board

Posted in BRN content Updates, BRN NEWS on January 9, 2009 by Matty


Well I have got News and Content to end the week as it is now Friday here! The News I have is that we added a Message board in the Library! So you can post Lil thank you messages or if your after something in particular! To work it just click the board and a pop up Menu comes from there, its easy from that! Thank you AK Yip For sending the SLurl and Lindens to add that!

CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT! Boy! more Content just a day after that other content, but oh well not like more content can hurt.

15 Prim Bridge River/creek crossing Bridge is free at Tutorial Library! Crossing over to the beautiful Japanese building store of Pippas Papp. Its a nice simple bridge and I put it up free after a request. Thanks Wildstar for textured it while I was away form the keyboard and sitting with me as I made it.

A 1 Prim 5 texture display board! Yes! There’s a 1 Prim 5 Texture Display board! Its a Prism that’s been tortured! Thanks to Connie and Nekol for putting it in my head… I could not find the original but with the word prism to go by I figured out how to make one on my own! and set it up in Akihabara Low Prim store for all to go get.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

New free builds! YAY free content!

Posted in BRN content Updates on January 7, 2009 by Matty

Created by me! Is two new free items! In Akihabara and one at the Tutorial Library,

The first one is located at the Tutorial Library and is a beautiful Garden Gazebo! The Gazebo is 9  Prims and has sculpted columns. It is right where you port in, just turn around and you will see it!

The other one is a Beautiful Silver Platform table (looks great for putting plants on!) It has an aniamted body but the platforms are not animated, making it look alive, You can find that one at Akihabara Low Prim Store on the last booth to the west.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team