Who has links to website Tutorials?! and The Establishment!

If you or anyone you know, or even if you have just stumbled upon a beautiful SL tutorial site or Second Life information website that has helped you, let me know by leaving me a comment!

I decided to collect them this way because being on holiday its easier to keep track of them here in the blog,

We began development of the new parcel, and if you want to sneak a peak, feel free to drop in. The building has been named the establishment, and our hopes are that when complete it will serve as library directory of wonderful tutorial sites from sculpties to scripting, clothing to jewlery. As you knwo we have some links already in freedonia and I would like to remind you all those are not being removed! I will when I have the time stop by however and collect them all and add them to the new building. this time they will (with luck) be sorted for an easier browse if your after something!

(Excuse the grammar in this post it is 1:25am! I will come back and fix it later!)

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

2 Responses to “Who has links to website Tutorials?! and The Establishment!”

  1. Tovya Fhang Says:

    Hey guys! Just thought I’d drop in and be the first one to hopefully drop a helpful website down. I’ve been using this website to learn to get started with quite a few things…alpha textures, building, designing, etc….


    It is probably not the best tut out there, but it sure has helped me in the past!


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