#1 In focus! – SALT!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first of what should be a wonderful series titled ‘In Focus’ which will take a look at some interesting tools which may be of use to builders all over the Grid!primsearch

In Focus this article is the unique building tool SALT. For those of you who have no idea what SALT is, or may have heard about it but don’t not looked into yet, let’s put it into the simplest words we can,

Ever been building a big project or wanting to place a large platform to play on in the sky and gone

“ack! I don’t have a 50x50x1 megaprim to fit this building! I will have to find one!”

Then gone on a search for that megaprim and finally after hours of looking or asking people you get one and wished there was a simpler, easier way… well that’s what SALT is! That easier way!

SALT is a megaprim search engine created by SL residents Zwagoth Klaar and Latif Khalifa. Allowing you to hunt down and find the megaprim you want and get it delivered right to your inventory.

Originally there were only a few sizes of megaprims available, however when Havok4 simulators were introduced so was the bug which allowed creation of new sizes of megaprims.

You can find out more about SALT at their website, where you can also search for prims without logging in to see if they have what you need. This makes planning structures easier without that need to log into second life and if you’re like me you draw up plans before going in world.

You can get access to salt by making an account on XstreetsSL and then heading to their market listing, for a full list of all 30,000 (Yes 30,000!) megaprims you can view Zwagoth Klaar’s list via this link!

Happy Building!
BRN blog Team!

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